Range of paintballs TOROBALL©

TOROBALL designs different models of paintballs suitable for all types of players in paintball: beginners, regular players, experienced players, and competitors. The paintballs are labeled differently based on their use and quality: Eco, Field, Classic, Precision, and Tournament.


The TOROBALL© range of paintballs starts with economical rental-grade paintballs and extends to highly technical paintballs designed for competition.

TOROBALL© Paintball 100% biodegradable

The TOROBALL© is manufactured to EU standards with PEG and gelatin. It is entirely biodegradable and environmentally friendly at 100%. Soluble in water, it can also be ingested without risk.

TOROBALL© range is complete

Specific formulations have been developed for each use, making them suitable for different players and various weather conditions.

La gamme TOROBALL©
est complète

Les formulations spécifiques ont été développées pour chaque utilisation et conviennent ainsi aux différents joueurs ainsi qu’aux conditions atmosphériques variées.


TOROBALL Paintballs


Do you require a very high volume of paintballs throughout the year? Choose TOROBALL Eco.

TOROBALL Field 0.68

Are you looking for the ideal paintballs for rentals and beginner players? Use TOROBALL Field.

TOROBALL Classic 0.68

TOROBALL Classic is designed for discerning players who pay attention to the selection of their paintballs.

TOROBALL Précision 0.68

TOROBALL Precision balls have been the iconic choice from the TOROBALL brand since 1995, recognized by their grooved shells.

TOROBALL Tournament 0.68

TOROBALL Tournament paintballs are manufactured to very strict standards, making them an exceptional competition-grade ball.

TOROBALL Winter ICE 0.68

TOROBALL Winter ICE paintballs are designed for winter conditions.



  • Per carton of 2,000 paintballs (4 bags of 500 paintballs each)
  • Pallet of 160 cartons (L110 x W110 x H200, 1,100 Kg)