The production

TOROBALL© is manufactured to EU standards, using only PEG and gelatin. It is completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Soluble in water, it can be ingested without risk.


Fill preparation

The preparation of the fill involves mixing various food-grade components, primarily PEG and food pigment colors, in large temperature-controlled tanks.

The mixture is regularly stirred in these tanks at a precise temperature to achieve a perfectly homogeneous color.

The temperature is regulated throughout the entire factory, which is air-conditioned and sterilized.

Shell preparation

The preparation of the shell involves mixing various components in a large temperature-controlled tank, including water, gelatin, and food coloring.

The shell is primarily made up of gelatin (95%), and the quality of this gelatin will determine the quality of the finished ball.

We use only first-grade gelatin, delivered by pallets in powdered form.

Encapsulation - Drying


Encapsulation is the most delicate part of the manufacturing process. Two heated and flexible gelatin films trap small paint spheres using two cooled honeycomb rollers. The two half-shells then precisely fuse together.

Encapsulation takes place at a constant temperature and humidity, allowing the half-shells to bond and form the paintball.


The paintballs are sent into drying drums to remove water from the gelatin and harden the shell. Constant movement ensures their perfect roundness.

The balls complete the drying process on large honeycomb trays.

Packaging - Quality Control


The paintballs are packaged in bags of 500, per carton of 2,000 balls, and on a pallet of 160 cartons.

The cartons are double-walled, with a reinforced lid to prevent any crushing during handling and transport.

Quality Control

In the laboratory, scientists and researchers analyze, test, experiment, and verify the paintballs throughout their manufacturing process to provide the impeccable quality that every paintball player desires.



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