Field 0.50

Are you professionals or owners of a paintball field? Do you require a very large quantity of .50 caliber paintball balls throughout the year?
Choose the TOROBALL Field 0.50.
Ideal for rentals and beginners. Professionals who always need large quantities of high-quality balls will prefer the TOROBALL Field 0.50.

Characteristics of the TOROBALL Field 0.50




Uniform or Bi-ton


Level 2

TOROBALL Field 0.50 paintballs

These balls carry the designation “Field,” which means “field” in English, as they are mainly intended for demanding rental sites in terms of quality.

TOROBALL Field 0.50 paintball balls are environmentally friendly and 100% biodegradable. They decompose quickly and are non-toxic towards microorganisms, algae, and fish.

The caliber is 0.50 inches, with generally acceptable precision and flight stability, although not completely consistent.The hardness of the TOROBALL Field 0.50 is high because they are primarily used by rental sites that often use mechanical markers. The balls must resist shocks and vibrations to prevent breaking in the loader during falls or in the gun during sustained bursts.

The shell colors are either monochrome or two-tone, and the filling is light in pigment to avoid dirtying obstacles. The shell colors are either monochromatic or two-tone.


The Level 2 price makes the TOROBALL Field 0.50 the primary choice for rentals. They are sold in boxes of 4,000 balls and packaged in 8 bags of 500 balls. The TOROBALL Field 0.50 is packaged in pallets of 160 boxes.

Paintball TOROBALL Field 0.50 balls are used for rentals by professionals and for recreation by players seeking an affordable way to play without breaking the bank. They have the advantage of being able to be used in winter without losing their performance. However, they may not perform well when exposed to extreme cold temperatures.

TOROBALL Field 0.50

Box of 4000 TOROBALL FIELD 0.50 (colour according to delivery)
Réf. : BIL50TOFI-RO-X4000
TOROBALL Field 0.50


  • Per box of 2,000 balls
    (4 packets of 500 balls)
  • Pallet of 160 boxes
    (L110 x W110 x H200 x D1,100 kg)